Private Offerings

One on One Healing Sessions

I well understand the great benefit of diving deeper into the self with this work as both a teacher and a student. The one on one dynamic presents the opportunity to observe the heart, mind and spirit though full attention and conversation. To be connected to our bodies, have deep relationship with our hearts and clarity of the mind produces a life, lived.

Please connect with me with any and all questions.

Self Practice for the Soul.

The body mind practice has the potential to have ceiling-less potential. No limit. Infinite growth and inner expansion.  Whether experiencing physical or mental walls in life, a deeply devoted well shaped practice will help them fall away. Practices may include yoga asana, mantra, meditation, journaling, sound, reiki and yoga nidra.

Sessions can be 1-2 hours in length.

One hour : $200

90 minutes : $260

Two hours : $300

Guidance Sessions

Mentorship, teachings and discussion on all things yoga and healing work. Breaking down building classes, navigating your truth, your work path and unveiling your most fulfilling gifts. Road mapping your personal journey. We work with reflection, disillusion and mind shaping as well as practice teaching and feedback. Sessions are catered to your dreams.

Sessions can be 1-2 hours in length and can include up to 5 individuals.

One hour : $150 in person

$120 skype

Two hour : $250 in person

$200 skype

Four Week Program:

Two hour sessions

$900 in person

$800 skype