shifting the vibrational makeup: polishing the inner light center


Began January 21st-February 1st

10 Days of guided meditations and simple seated practices designed to awaken the universal light within from the convenience of your own home. Sit with me live at 8am each morning though the Periscope App or sit for the practice at a time during the day that works best for you. Each meditation will be available on the app after the broadcast. Feel free to sign up whenever you like. The meditations are waiting for you.

The course will flow through clearing, building inner strength and actualizing divinity. Practices will include simple breath work, energy clearing and affirmations thread with intention throughout the 10 day course. Practices will be around 25-30 minutes in length.

“How To” and more technical details upon registration. Email me directly with any questions. 

“Arrive as a Center of Light”

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