The dedication of my life and work rests passionately at the very core of my being; strongly centered and full of heart.

My practice is an exploration of deep sensing, self expression, absolute centering and most importantly, love. It is through through the body we develop the clarity to be graced by the divine. Deeply devoted to the inner magnet I let life lead me, maintaining an illuminated connection to my human spirit.  

Growing up I danced, wrote, imagined, created art in all forms and rolled around in the sand to the sea. None of that has changed.

As a giver I wish to emanate love from the very center of my being. I create space full of openness, strength and play, allowing all beings to embody their individual truth and follow their passionate hearts. A space to develop intentional reflections, creating a heart full, whole you.

My classes are conceived through intention, intuition and self inquiry; sequences laced with mudras and pranayama designed to explore and express, using the body as a tool to stimulate consciousness. 

To practice is to create, to touch the source, to experience yourself, to know your home and to keep it clean. To know your breath is to know god. To practice is to pray.

" I'm in it for all that is real; for people, connection, experience and growth. I'm in it for truth.

I'm here to love."