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Saturday, November 17th, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation and meditation in savasana that allows your brain waves to slow enough to enter a dream state while remaining conscious. In this soft, mutable state, we are given the opportunity to rewire our thoughts and emotions using intentions and affirmations to help us live more harmoniously while awake. The workshop begins with gentle breath work, Yin and restorative shapes to prepare the body for complete restoration.

$40 advance

$45 day of event

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Sadhana & Satsang with Jes Allen & Kevin Tobar Fall Edition

Sunday, November 18, 2-5pm

A daily practice or discipline is essential for growth in our development of self, spiritual experience and overall goodness in our life. There are infinite paths to the peak of the mountain. There are infinite ways to practice and actualize love, peace and joy in our lives. This workshop is about exploring some of the many ways we can do this and empower us all to have a daily spiritual practice on our own. 

Sadhana means you are using everything as a tool for your wellbeing. We will create an immersive experience where we will explore various tools each session. In our Fall edition we'll explore asana, mantra and reflective practices that assist us in our ability to flow through the changes of fall, ground our bodies and spirits with tools to consistently bring us into our center, our home.

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